The House: Part 2

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I spent the entire weekend painting in our new house, so I suppose I should share part 2.

The Friday after the first showing, we had a second showing and brought our extra eyes. The realtor hung back as we showed my in-laws the house. They had comments and questions about the house but nothing seemed to jump out at them as a problem either.

What I really noticed though was how completely comfortable I felt in the house, even surrounded by other the sellers’ stuff. The house just kind of drew us in. We loved the higher ceilings, the little balcony off the back, the wide arched opening between the dining room and living room and the walk-up attic.

The in-laws’ verdict was in: There was nothing significantly wrong with the house (except maybe a bright yellow dining room).

We decided to put an offer on it that night.

We said goodbye to Brad’s family and met our realtor at Starbucks to draw up the paperwork. By 11 p.m. that night we’d made an offer on our first home.

Then we had to wait through the weekend for a response.

To summarize the intermediate steps, withing the last hour before our offer expired, we received a verbal offer acceptance with some minor contingencies. The house had been on the market for 16 days and the sellers didn’t have a new place yet so they wrote into the contract the option to rent the house back from us for 30 days. Coupled with a 60-day close it would give them sufficient time to find and close on their own home.

Next in the home series: Home inspections and first time home buyers.

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