Laying in bed one night after having bumped one of my medical devices, Brad asked me, “Do you something think that life would be a little less complicated without the pods and CGM?”

We talked a little about the devices and wanting things to be a little easier, then went to sleep.

The question replayed in my mind the other day while running back home to retrieve my forgotten PDM.

I could make it through a whole workday without my PDM. I had a meter, a syringe and insulin. My pod can still give me a basal rate without my PDM. But for my quirky carb-count lunch, how was I going to draw up 3.4 units of insulin? I don’t like math, nor do I like syringe injections.

I didn’t have to run home, but my life is better with the PDM than without. My purse may be heavier with the medical devices, but my health is better.


2 thoughts on “Complicated

  1. My husband actually has to wear a fanny pack to carry his his things through work. It definately is making him healthier, so he doesn’t seem to mind.

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