10 Things. 10 Thoughts

I’m doing the 10 Things on Tuesday…err… thing again!

1. Yesterday, I replied to an email that didn’t require a response for the sole reason that the sender spelled my first name as “Rachael” when the email was in reply to my email and my name was right there in front of him as he typed. I have a long and complicated last name and I had a long and complicated maiden name… so I get it when those are misspelled, but of all my names, “Rachel” is so incredibly easy not to screw up. Don’t worry, I didn’t reply to correct him, just so that I could sign my name on the email correctly.

2. I like this picture. (Is that conceited because the picture is of me?)

3. Do you write down recipes that you make up even when they’re really simple? I whipped up a really easy dish and Brad insisted that I write it down in order to make it again.

4. Don’t you just hate it when you lose things? I have been completely unable to find my mom’s old sewing box that she gave me. I had it when we lived in our apartment, but I can remember seeing it since we bought our house two years ago. At this point, I feel like I’ve searched our home top to bottom for it with no luck. *sigh* I’m the finder of all things when Brad loses something, but the moment I lose something, I’m basically screwed.

5.  I love that my mom’s husband sends me texts and pictures of things my mom is doing. Here’s one of the recent ones:

6. The Dexcom in a glass hack is very helpful and I can safely say it’s saved my life in the middle of the night. But I seriously wish it worked with a plastic glass because knocking the glass off your nightstand and cleaning up glass shards from the bedroom floor at midnight is not a preferred nocturnal activity.

7. This blog is going up late on Tuesday because I ran all over Cleveland visiting different doctors. I started off with a CNP to get a pain in my foot checked, followed by an X-Ray, blood draw and my annual exam. None of it was fun, but my foot isn’t fractured at least.

8. My blood draw was a horrible experience. She chose to draw out of my right arm and it hurt, but I dealt with it. She took the needle out and wrapped me up. Then tells me that she didn’t take enough. I asked how much and she said she needed another “tube.” I took a chance and asked, “Is there any chance you  can get enough from a finger stick?” I had basic metabolic panels done regularly after I was diagnosed and a couple of times they could do it from a finger stick.

She laughed and said no then checked out my left arm. “This arm is better,” she said. “Why did you have me do the other?” I was so mad! I always let them pick whichever arm unless there is something wrong with one. She didn’t look at both arms before sticking a needle in one.

9. Between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm, I lost a whole pound and my blood pressure dropped by 10 points (top number). I blame it on the blood draw.

10. Cats.

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  1. I absolutely hate dealing with blood draws, not because I hate needles but because the nurses never do it 100% the proper way and I am a perfectionist!

    I love this post and this idea, thank you for sharing!

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