What’s in Rachel’s Desk?

Well my desk is actually filled with boring office-like stuff like files, paper clips, lint roller, etc…

But my handy cabinet hosts my work emergency kit.

Awhile ago, I had a minor panic because I’d misplaced my lancet. It had sunk to the bottom of my purse as is common with most things that I misplace. But I had flashes of trying to poke my fingers with the thumbtacks in my bulletin board and decided that I should make sure my emergency work kit is complete. I of course asked Twitter for advice. Kerri at Six Until Me shared her post about work supplies with me.

I made a list of things to keep in my office. I carry a regular emergency kit in my purse at all times with my back up meter, back up insulin, an extra OmniPod and glucose tablets, so I’m typically prepared for anything when I’m out. Since I spend a lot of time at work, I need to be prepared there… and not just for diabetes.

Here’s what ended up in my cabinet:


  • Juice boxes
  • An extra OmniPod (that I have already had to use and replace again)
  • A spare lancet
  • Snacks
  • Tampons
  • Sugar-free cough drops
  • Batteries

I’m in a great situation, where I work only a 15 minute drive from home so if I absolutely needed something, I could go get it.

Am I missing any emergency supplies that you recommend? What do you keep with you at work?


8 thoughts on “What’s in Rachel’s Desk?

  1. Do you have extra insulin too? I carry with me a case full of extra pods, unopen bottle of insulin, extra meter, strips, batteries, alcohol swabs and a couple of syringes. This comes with me to and from work every day but beside that I have another case with similar things in my desk drawer. I also have one of the big bottles of glucose tabs on my desk. I’m not too worried about lows since there is easy access to things to treat if needed. I used to keep a glucagon at my old office when our group shared a fridge. At my current job, the whole area of my floor shares the fridge so I wouldn’t want to keep it in there. Can never be too prepared right?

    • I have my current bottle of insulin in my purse along with a brand new pen (plus syringes), I don’t want to keep any of my medical stuff in the community fridge, so that stuff goes everywhere with me (except the pod). I like to be prepared, and it was a good thing the one time I needed a pod at work.

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  7. My husband just got on a pump (omnipod) a month ago. It does make enatig so much simpler. Funny enough, I just wrote a review of the omnipod on my blog a couple of days ago. It will take some patience to get all the numbers figured out, but it is definitely worth it!

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