(Too) Little Blue Dress Refashion

Here’s a little shopping advice, never buy a dress without trying it on first… even if it is only $2.

I picked up this blue dress and was dismayed that it was too tight and too short.

I loved the color and I like the texture, just not the fit.

I laid the dress out and measured it against a top that is a good length for me.

The dress had a texture that was essentially mini ruffles, so I picked the closest ruffle and cut along underneath of it very carefully.

Because of the type of fabric, I didn’t have to make a hem.

Once I had my new blue top, I was ready to pay a visit to Ohio’s own wine country in Madison.

Did you know that Ohio is the 9th largest wine producer in the nation?

We took a beautiful Saturday afternoon and paid a visit to some of the Ohio wineries that we didn’t get to, or weren’t around, on our last visit: Laurentia, Grand River and Hundley. It was gorgeous outside, the wine was delicious and the company was fantastic.

How was your weekend?

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