I’ve been running around “unregistered” so to speak since August. It crossed my mind a few months ago that maybe I should get a medical ID tag. I used to wear one on my ankle when my asthma was severe (i.e. aggravated by breathing in heavily chlorinated air when I worked at a pool) but I stopped wearing that years ago.

I had a passing thought that I should wear one as a diabetic in case of an emergency. Then at Thanksgiving both my mother and my grandmother-in-law (is that a real title?) asked if I would be getting one. So I ordered my Lauren’s Hope medical ID bracelet on black Friday. I ordered it without the intent of blogging about being tagged, but alas here I am broadcasting my new bling:20111206-122219.jpg

It doesn’t look much like a medical ID does it? It’s nice that the bracelets actually look nice. This one is “Black Onyx” and I got to select my tag type so I chose the white-filled Caduceus because it’s a bit more feminine. My bracelet clips to the tag on each side so I can use the same tag and change out the bracelet, if for some reason I’d want to change up my style.


The back of my tag is of course engraved with my name in important medical information that medical professionals would need in the case that I couldn’t respond (yikes! I don’t want to think about that).

You may wonder, how would a medical person know that this is a medical ID tag? This style of jewelry is becoming more stylish, but any emergency responder is trained to check for these tags on necklaces, bracelets and ankles. I remember learning about them in life guard training courses in high school.

The shipping method that I selected forecasted delivery in 10-14 days. I ordered on Friday evening and my bracelet arrived in the mailbox on Wednesday. The elves at Lauren’s Hope must work quickly.

Note: Lauren’s Hope had no idea that I would be blogging about my bracelet and did not request or pay for a review. I purchased my bracelet and received no compensation for this review, I just get to tell you about my new bling.


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