July in Photos

Hello and Happy August! The summer is flying by.

July was another busy month in a string of busy months. Other priorities (life offline) have kept me from blogging as often as I’d like, so I figured I’d catch you all up in photos.

Fun with friends

 We visited with our good friends who live out on the East Side and I got to meet their horse, Annette the Clydesdale.

We wandered visited Ohio’s wine country with those same friends and discovered new favorites from Hundley Cellars, Niagara and Harvest Red.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

 I decided to deck out a 4th of July pod, after I had already put it on. I’m happy that I’m flexible.

  Stuff like this is normal in our home, Watson kept meowing at the ceiling, so Brad gave him a boost to check it out. He found nothing.

A little cuteness

 We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon at the park with my brother’s family. Brad helped our nephew push his sister on the swings.

 I worked from home to week of the Republican National Convention and these two kept me company.

More fun with friends

We played Exploding Kittens, while back in wine country with another set of friends. This is my favorite card.


 Wine and friends is the best combination


Wrapping up the month

 It’s time for a new EV. I’m the proud owner of a new BMW i3. I haven’t had it very long, but I’m already enjoying the more than double electric range. Gas? Where we’re going, we don’t need gas.

We helped Brad’s family paint their house this weekend. I have to admit, I was nervous being trusted to be responsible for painting a wall in someone else’s house  a new bold color.

How is your summer going so far?

2 thoughts on “July in Photos

  1. You’ve been busy! I can’t believe it’s august either, so crazy. At least you have cute and fluffy coworkers. I work at a BMW dealership with the technicians and I love the i3. It’s a great car, plus I think it’s cute. It has a lot of room to be so tiny. Everything in the inside is recycled, which was a cool concept on BMW’s part.

  2. Hi I have been a follower of your blog for a couple of years. That’s cool you color your pods. I recently just went on the Omnipod pump for the first time and love no more shots. I have been learning and ready every thing about it. There is a Instgram accnt with Omnipod users group if you wanna join. It pretty cool to get peoples opinions and education so to speak from other people. You do it all paint, Remake clothes Everything.
    Enjoy your summer. also thanks for your Blog.

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