Repairing by Embellishing {Sweater #Refashion}

I had a black cardigan that I’ve been wearing for years. It was the perfect weight, size and worked for casual, professional or whatever look I had. I even wore it to Luke’s.

But my versatile cardigan met with a bit of a mysterious mishap in the laundry. This is what it looked like after some stitching up.

But even with sewing it up, the sweater was a no go.

So I took the fancy part off of an old headband that I no longer wear to cover the damaged area.

I sewed it down and used the felt backing from the original headband to make the embellishment more secure on the damaged sweater.

Here’s the final product.

I got lucky with the damage to the sweater in that it ended up roughly in the shirt-pocket area which makes sense for some sort of of embellishment, patch or brooch. If the laundry gremlins had tried to eat a different part of my sweater, I would have had to get a whole lot more creative to fix it!

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