How to give a good birthday gift

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With the holidays behind us, gift giving may have gotten pushed to the back of your mind. But not mine! Most people have Valentine’s Day coming up to think about a great gift for their special someone, but for me I’ve got birthdays on the brain.

Brad’s birthday is in February and two weeks later is my birthday.

So… how do you give a good birthday gift? First you find a source, UncommonGoods has a lot of great birthday gifts, I’ll help you find just the right one. Aside from having really cool stuff, they have a lot of heart, UncommonGoods aims to have a positive impact, they offer handmade, recycled and organic products and make it easy to give back, check out their mission to learn more.

There are a few things that make a gift a good pick for another person, here’s they are:

1. It’s personal. A personal gift is something that relates to the person’s interests. It can support a hobby or leisure activity. Are they a foodie or someone who enjoys cooking? Try something like these foodie dice that can make any meal an adventure.

Another route you can go with a personal gift is to give a personalized gift. Personalized gifts aren’t just gifts with the recipient’s name on it, they can have a significant date or location as well.

2. It’s unique.
No one wants to feel like you wandered into just any store and got them the first thing you saw, which is where uniqueness comes into play.

Finding something that is uncommon (see what I did there?) lets them know that you wanted to give them something special. For example, you can’t find a solar system bubble necklace or a balloon dog nightlight.

3. It’s something you want to give. The gifts that you really want to give turn out to be the best because the giver is truly invested in it. It’s the gifts from people who really wanted to give them that I look at and think about the giver every time. Think about it, if you give someone a beautiful door harp, spark plug airplane paperweight (which would be perfect for my mom’s husband) or home accent they will think of you every time they see it.

Photos courtesy of UncommonGoods.

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