The Gift and the Giver

I hope that you had a lovely Christmas!

Brad and I were discussing some of the differences in the feelings of the season between childhood and adulthood. One thing I’ve been thinking about with Christmas this year is that gift giving is amazing (okay I’ve always loved gift giving) and that it says more about the giver than the givee. (I know, “recipient” not givee, but that worked with my statement better.)

I was psyched this year about the gifts that we got for people this year because they were, in my opinion, perfect.

Things like the music-themed ties for the master musician who substitute teaches and wears ties regularly, Eiffel tower wine glasses for the Francophile who loves a late-harvest Riesling, or the thing that someone mentioned months ago was cool or weeks ago that they needed.

Personally, I think that the gift chosen says to the recipient, “I know X about you” or “This seems like it fits your interests.” Obviously this can backfire if you have a skewed perspective of the recipient’s interests or personality.

I heard from a lot of people this year how satisfying it is to find the perfect gift for someone. I think that’s part of the joy of gift giving.

What is your favorite gift that you gave this year?

3 thoughts on “The Gift and the Giver

  1. It certainly is different giving as an adult! I always try to be somewhat practical with my gifts after getting a bunch of stuff that doesn’t have much use and doesn’t say anything about myself, my interests, talents, passions, etc.

    This year my sister switched to a gluten free diet and asked for cookies. It was the most fun I had preparing a gift this year (because who doesn’t like to taste test?!). My husband even loved the peanut butter ones! And my sister has been talking about them (and the faux oreos) for over a week now!

  2. Gift giving as an adult is tricky, but is an excellent opportunity to get creative. You want to give something they want, but that won’t end up as a dust collector. Ideally, I give experiences. Memories last a lifetime.

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