One thing to improve

Diabetes Blog Week Post #3

Today’s Topic: One thing to improve

I patted myself on the back for being responsible yesterday but now I get to confess what I need to do better (we all have room for improvement in our lives).

I can improve my Attitude

I have an attitude problem. This weekend I got incredibly frustrated because diabetes decided to kick me, repeatedly, to remind me that it’s still there. I had been riding wave of glorious blood sugars for days and was feeling pretty confident with my rates and my trial Dexcom was confirming that.

Until it wasn’t.

My blood sugar climbed into the 200s, I corrected. It still climbed. Corrected again. Still climbing. I rage bolused again and it finally came into a normal range just in time for dinner. Rinse and repeat.

I thought after a day of highs, I had gotten it down before bed and I’d wake up to a new day.

It was a new day during which, even looking at food caused a steady rise.

It’s exhausting, disheartening and infuriating. It’s defeating. I feel defeated when my numbers run out of control, paying no attention to the flood of insulin in my system. I adopt an attitude of failure. I’d like to quite diabetes. Or shake it senseless. But I can do neither.

I can change my attitude.

But it takes time.

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7 thoughts on “One thing to improve

  1. Love this post. Attitude is huge and it’s great how aware you are. I had to do major adjustments in the past and it yielded great results. But it did take me years. Be patient with yourself and good luck with your goal. I know you can do it 🙂

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  5. Sigh…..yes, attitudes can be changed, but it takes a vigilant effort. Sometimes it seems like the mundane aspects of db management consume so much energy that there is little left for working on attitude.
    But, if we try to walk just a few steps in the right direction each day, pretty soon a path will me made.

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