Fantasy Diabetes Decive

Diabetes Blog Week Post #4

Today’s Topic: Fantasy diabetes device

Oh boy there are so many things I want (aside from a fully functioning pancreas, duh).

It’s no secret that I’ve been trialing a Dexcom (continuous glucose monitoring system). I kind of like it, the arrows tell me where I’m going and it alerts me to danger, but it’s another cell phone sized device, it’s another plastic piece and adhesive pad stuck to me. I know I’m not alone in wanting a closed loop system.

I kind of wish it would all be integrated with an app like our universal remote system is at home. (I mean seriously, I can use one iPad/iPhone/Android app to control the TV, DVD player, other DVD player, Apple TV and probably even my neighbor’s stereo.) If they can make a glucose meter that plugs into my iPhone, can’t they just make that work with my OmniPod and receive Dexcom readings and automatically talk to each other?

Dexcom+OmniPod in one device would be great

While we’re talking about apps,

I seriously want an app that will let me take a picture of my plate and get an accurate carb count. If they can scan a retina to open a door, I think they can carb count by camera phone.

I also think it would be super convenient to have a little compartment in the batter door of my PDM for a spare test strip or two, in case I can’t carry around the whole vial.

As much as I want and wish and dream, I don’t have the knowledge or ability to make it a reality. But if the people who do have it ever want to talk to me, I’m here and I’ve got ideas!

Diabetes technology makes our lives much easier. People see that too. There are some cool things happening, including contact lenses, research into that closed loop system and even artificial pancreas technology. I’m not holding my breath for a cure, but I am hopeful.

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Note added: I have four apps for carb calculations on the go, plus an OmniPod food library and I still end up asking Siri most of the time.

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  1. Well, if it makes you feel any better OmniPod has a relationship with Dexcom so you will see that integrated device at some point in the future – maybe even next year!

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