How to Throw a Little Black Dress Party

Most women have at least one LBD in their closets… I have three. A little black dress is incredibly versatile and can be really classy.

For my friend’s bachelorette party last weekend, we had a little black dress themed bar crawl, but a little black dress party can be much more flexible than a bachelorette bar crawl stroll. It can be perfect for a fun, classy girls’ night out other places as well.

To celebrate Natalie’s upcoming wedding (happy wedding rehearsal day Natalie!) her bridal party and friends all donned little black dresses and had a night on the town. In bachelorette party fashion, we put Natalie in a pink sash that just happened to light up and I made her a veil.

I have to confess, when I was shopping for her party attire, I took my husband (dear other Matrons of Honor… don’t do this unless your husband has a great sense of humor) and held up two sashes and said, “Okay, should her sash say ‘Bride to Be’ and be classic or should is light up and say ‘Bachelorette’?” He voted for the light-up sash which was a big winner the whole night.

I also picked up hot pink party beads for all of the girls. Aside from the fact that we were the only girls all in black dresses, you could tell we were together by the matching beads and everyone got to take something fun home with them. Someone actually came up to on of the girls and said, “You’re the classiest looking bachelorette party I’ve ever seen.”

The concept of a little black dress party is simple: Put on your LBD, feel all dressed up, enjoy yourself. Some recommendations for a good girls’ night would be to put on those dresses and head to a winery or maybe organize a wine/cheese tasting event or enjoy a formal dessert at a nice place.

With the glowing bride to be


Fun fact: I bought my little black dress when browsing clearance racks at H&M with the bride-to-be. I had no idea I’d end up wearing it to her bachelorette party, but she talked me into it since it fit like a glove and was a steal at $7! (I’ll link that up!)

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