Friday Five: Things You Don’t Know About Me

In honor of a new blog set up and… well August being half-way over… Here are five things you probably don’t know about me:

1. I’m afraid of birds pooping in my open sunroof. Where I got the idea this would happen I have no idea. I was driving home with my sunroof open and a seagull flew over… I seriously held my breath until I thought I was out of the danger zone. With that being said… I am not afraid of birds.

I fed a bird on my head and wasn’t afraid of being pooped on…

2. I do not like escalators. In fact, I’m kind of afraid of them. They freak me out and I feel like I’m going to fall backwards when riding up on them. Moving sidewalks at airports? Not a problem. 

3. I’ve owned a Tissot ladies watch for over a year and wear it at least two days a week (switching out with my other watch). I realized yesterday that the hands and hour markers glow in the dark. Yesterday.

4. I’m so accustomed to being introduced by my first name only (i.e. “Meet Rachel”) or having to introduce myself that it was weird to be introduced by my first and last name this week.

5. I love, and occasionally miss, driving stick shift. The first three cars I owned were 5-speed manuals. Having the ability to drive stick makes me feel empowered.

I’ve got a fun and busy weekend ahead of me, starting with stealing a bride until it’s time for her to walk down the aisle tomorrow, all of the wedding festivities and some baseball on Sunday.

I hope your weekend is excellent!

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