Being Sick With Diabetes

Aside from the DKA, I haven’t been sick with diabetes until now.

It’s not fun. In the past when I’ve had a cold like I do now or the flu, I’ve slept a lot and tried to stay hydrated. Having diabetes meant that my schedule would be more strict. When I’m sick, it’s more strict.

The past two days I’ve been home sick. Although working in my PJs has been enjoyable in the past, it’s not so much fun being alone and sniffly. But I have to constantly poke my fingers and make sure that I don’t go to high or too low. Which means no extended sleeping without the pokey interruptions. Major inconvenience.

Thus far my numbers have behaved through this cold-sicky thing. Being sick is never fun, being sick with diabetes means that I actually have to think while I’m sick.

Who thinks while sick?


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