Why I participate in research

I participate in scientific research on type 1 diabetes. So far, the studies I’ve been involved in haven’t required me to do much more than fill out surveys and agree to share my regular test results with scientists, but I’m waiting for the consent form in the mail that will allow researchers to call me up and take my blood. There was of course the question of, “Why should I do something uncomfortable in the name of science?”

I don’t participate in studies to be compensated as being a research subject is not a lucrative job no matter what you see on TV (but the one-time free parking at the hospital was welcome!).

I hope that in those studies that I can’t be a part of, whether due to my age, physical location or other factors, there are others who want to contribute to research.It’s my hope that by letting the people who know more about science and medicine than I do take a peek into what my crazy broken body does and doesn’t do will help them put together the puzzle that is type 1 diabetes. I’ve found that several studies aren’t interested in me however, because I’m not a “typical” case. My story doesn’t fit the patterns they’re tracking.

Maybe by analyzing my blood and survey answers patient care can be improved.

Maybe by participating in science, I can participate in finding a cure.

I do what I can and appreciate those who do more.

I can’t cry for better treatment or a cure without being willing to be involved. So I’m involved.

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5 thoughts on “Why I participate in research

  1. I would gladly participate in research if I was asked, not to do anything too bad (like in my case it would probably involve gastroscopies) but for blood tests, no problem. Research is what helps find new treatments and hopefully a cure!

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