Thanksgiving Thoughts

I’ve been traveling and all around pretty busy this week, which is why we’re light on blogs here at I’m thankful to be back in Cleveland safely and that the rest of my travels this week are reasonable “local.”

My mom wrote a blog post this week that I thought I’d share with you all. If you don’t remember my mom from previous posts, she’s a personal trainer and she has a blog (cool right?).

She wrote about holiday preparation workouts and offered some perspective on Thanksgiving. Last year, I had a rough go of it at Thanksgiving. Diabetes reared it’s ugly head last year and I was less than thankful for vampire cannulas, high blood sugars and general frustration. I also still have trouble guessing carbs in foods that other people prepare as well as dealing with different proteins and fats than my regular diet consists of.

My mom’s post covered several Thanksgiving topics, but the two that really stuck out to me can be summed up in the following quotes:

Tasty and healthy can go together!

Think about someone who can’t get out or who would be home alone for the holiday.  Invite them over or pack a plate of delicious food BEFORE you eat and take it to them.

I’m thankful to have grown up in a family that welcomed many to the table on Thanksgiving, including those who were far from their own homes on the holiday. I’m thankful to have joined a family that shares their celebrations with others who would otherwise spend the day alone.

Check out the rest of my mom’s message here.

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