I’m Always Right…

Handed that is.

Have you ever figured out seating arrangements based on who is right handed and who is left handed? When I was growing up, I typically sat between my mom and sister (both lefties). Young children can easily adapt to situations and instead of entering into a battle of elbows, I ate left handed like they did.

I still think and act mostly like a righty though. In high school, I competed in the International Extemp category on the speech team. For this category, we had filing bins with news articles and on our team you shared a set of bins with one other person. My “bin partner” was a boy named Shane who was left handed. Did you know that there is a drastically different method of filing for right and left-handed people?

I keep running into this filing system clash, almost everywhere I’ve worked. Sometimes I wish that I could be ambidextrous. One of my former bosses could write his name with both hands at the same time. It was incredible.

I made a point to train myself to be able to inject insulin with my left hand, but I think the training is going to stop there.

Do you find that you do typical tasks (like filing) different than people who are opposite-handed?

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4 thoughts on “I’m Always Right…

  1. My mom and uncle are both left handed, so at Thanksgiving dinner every year all the family members sit in the exact same seats to accommodate them (and their right-handed partners!) as well as making sure Grandpa is always head of the table and Grandma can readily get up to check all the food 1000 times, even though it’s perfect haha

    • At family gatherings with my in-laws we arrange seating based on great-grandma’s good ear and another family member’s need to have her leg propped up. I enjoy some of the odd characteristics of families.

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