Intro to Insulin Pump Therapy

I’m thankful to be close to world class medical care at the Cleveland Clinic. When I had my first appointment with my new endocrinologist there, we discussed insulin pumps and she set me up with a certified diabetic educator (CDE) at the brand new diabetic center.

After weeks of adjusting carb ratios and recording and sending in every glucose number, carb counts and insulin injections, I signed the K-couple up for “Introduction to Insulin Pump Therapy.” I felt like I was registering for a college course with that name but it really was a 2-ish hour interactive class about insulin pump therapy, how things work, what to expect, how to get started and what options are available.

I had done a lot of research because I’m pretty serious about being on a pump by Christmas so I didn’t really have many questions going into the class but I did learn some new information.

One of the most valuable parts of the class was being able to play with the various pumps and check out the infusion sets. I also got a little bonus by getting to learn about continuous glucose monitors (CGMs).

After checking out the other pumps and talking with my CDE, I made my final decision.

And the gentleman I spoke with to order it confirmed that I could have it by Christmas!

He also asked if I was interested in also starting on a Dexcom, but I think I’ll only add electronic devices to my body one at a time.



2 thoughts on “Intro to Insulin Pump Therapy

  1. Congratulations on making a decision! I think the best thing you did was get to see different pumps and infusion sets first hand. Something I wish I had done when I went on the pump. Good luck in your new stage of diabetes life 🙂

    • I loved that I could see them side by side and make direct comparisons with them. It’s a huge blessing being near the Cleveland Clinic’s diabetic center. When I was in the hospital where we lived before, the staff made it sound like the doctor/insurance would pick my pump for me. But I also knew nothing insulin pumps then.

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