The Newlyweds at 6 Months

As of today, Brad and I have been married for six months. This past half of a year seems to have flown by!

On our honeymoon

We’ve enjoyed our newlywed status since May and are looking forward to spending our first Christmas as husband and wife. As we’ve been knee-deep in searching for Christmas decorations reorganizing our storage, we found some of the little things that reminded us of the various stages of our relationship (pictures, birthday cards, Valentine’s Day presents, etc). I commented to Brad that it was so much easier to adjust to calling him my husband than it was calling him my fiance instead of my boyfriend.

The daily life changes that we adjusted to as husband and wife were actually quite simple. Sometimes I wonder if our comfortable couple pattern is so easy because of the big things that happened so early in our marriage that make the small stuff no big deal.

I asked how long we could claim newlywed status. It seems like a year is a common measure, and according to older etiquette wedding presents are not late/rude if they are sent up to a year after the wedding date… so we’re halfway out of the newlywed phase. I think.

Even when we were dating we got called an “old married couple” because of the way that we interacted. When we got engaged there was a huge buzz about our wedding plans for a few months  then us getting married became old news less interesting (one minor downside of a long engagement). I kind of wonder if we’ve already hit the “not-so-newlywed” status in many of the circles we’re in.

What do you think: How long are you considered a newlywed?


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