Making out with the thermostat

I’ll let that title sit with you for a second before I explain.

Not our thermostat, but a good idea

Brad has been wearing glasses since early elementary school. I’ve always known that without them he’s basically blind, but the other night we had a conversation that made me realize that the differences in our eyesight was more than just a little bit of blurriness. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: Wow, it’s really dark in here. I think I want to put a night light in the bathroom

Brad: Are you kidding? It’s super bright in here. There’s light pouring in through the door and there’s a bunch coming through the peephole. Please don’t put a night light in the bathroom

(Note: our weird apartment has two entrances, one in the living room and one in our bedroom. So we have a peephole to the hallway in one of our bedroom doors.)

Me: There’s only a little speck of light coming through there.

Brad: Without my glasses on, every tiny bit of light looks like a lot of light

There will be no night light in the bathroom needless to say.

Last night after climbing into bed, he realized that we had forgotten to set the thermostat to our night time temperature. After declining to play rock, paper, scissors in our pitch black room to see who would fix it he went to change the temperature… without his glasses.

“Geez, I had to basically make out with the thermostat to change the temperature,” he said coming back into our room. I really don’t know what I said in response but I must have made fun of his eyesight again because he said, “I’m blind as a bat without the benefit of screaming at things to see where they are.”

When he starts screaming at the thermostat to find it, I’ll be scared.

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  1. Derek is blind as a bat too! He wears contacts and the other day we ran some errands in the morning so he still had his glasses on. We were getting some lunch and he took his glasses off and was attempting to “read” signs next door to us outside the window. It was really bad, and I was teasing him because I have really good eyesight. He also has almost no depth perception and really bad peripheral vision so he doesn’t see a lot of what I do. Boys crack me up.

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