A Weekend Wrap Up and New Shades

A weekend wrap-up on Wednesday? You bet!

I would have posted this yesterday but d-blog check prompted me to write about diabetes stuff.

If you follow me on Twitter you probably saw that I have a brand new niece as of last night. As of now, I have three nieces and one nephew. But soon enough, I’ll have a second nephew! He’s still cooking though and won’t be here until the fall. I love being an aunt.

Anyway, I’ve got to tell you about my weekend!


My weekend started off on Friday with the delivery of my brand new, super sweet, complimentary Firmoo sunglasses. The folks at Frimoo offered me a free set of glasses or sunglasses to try out, so I went for a new pair of shades. I got regular sunglasses (this pair to be precise), but they offer prescription sunglasses as well.

I was excited for my sunglasses, but I was extra impressed by what they arrived with. My sunglasses came in a cool map hard-side case with a cleaning cloth, a protective sleeve and a handy tool. I put on my spiffy shades and left work early (yay summer Fridays!) to find my in-laws waiting for me at my house (this was planned in case you were concerned).

We had a nice visit with them and appreciated that they came to see us since they were in Cleveland anyway.


Saturday was date-day. Again, armed with my new sunglasses, we met up with our friends on the East Side for lunch and a nice visit. We got to meet the newest member of their little family, their greyhound Onyx. He’s a sweetie, as is their female greyhound Roobie. The four of us enjoyed wine, salads and flatbreads at Red, Wine and Brew, followed by a few rousing games of Euchre.

It rained off and on Saturday, making me thankful that I opted for the medium brown tinted lenses in my sunglasses. The color combats the strange lighting that sometimes hurts my eyes.

Brand and I ended our day with dinner at The Melting Pot to use a gift certificate that we got for our anniversary. It was a unique experience… kind of strange to cook your own food at the table though. I think if I truly knew what we were in for, I would have brought along our meat thermometer because it would be totally possible to under cook your food.


Sunday was a beautiful day. Brad made a to-do list for himself/us that included time for exercise, reading and making travel arrangements for our vacation later this year.

We decided to go for a bike ride, so again… I got to use my new sunglasses. They fit well under the visor of my helmet and the lens tinting came in handy because riding in the shade didn’t feel too dark and riding in the sun didn’t feel too bright. I think it’s a valuable piece of advice to wear some form of glasses while riding to protect your eyes from the many things that can find their way into them, as well as keep them from drying out… especially if you “ride like the wind.” (Which for the record, I do not. But still, protect your eyes!)

I loved my sunglasses if you can’t tell. I definitely recommend Frimoo. The prices are good and they have great service and keep you informed about the status of your order.

They also renewed the First Pair Free Program, so you can look into getting a free pair of glasses or sunglasses for yourself. Check out www.firmoo.com/free-glasses for more details on that offer.

Tell me about your favorite pair of sunglasses.

  • How often do you wear them?
  • Why do you like them?
  • Prescription/nonprescription?


I received my choice of glasses free of charge from Firmoo, but all opinions on them are my own.

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