Back-to-Back Wrap Ups

Who would have thought? Last week’s measly three posts were courtesy of a very busy week… busy but productive! So I’d like to tell you about my equally busy weekend.


Friday got started early again with lunch and a facility tour of where my father-in-law works. It was a unique tour because I not only saw the offices, I also got to see the manufacturing plant and a testing lab. I love facility tours and have had the opportunity to visit a few manufacturing facilities both large and small and it’s really fun to get that perspective.


On Saturday, Brad and I pursued  an offer on my Mazda and I ended up saying goodbye to my CX-5 (it was a good car) and saying hello to a new Chevy Volt (it is also a good car!).

A well-trained eye can spot the OmniPod.

My mom arrived at our house on Saturday evening after visiting with her new granddaughter and the rest of my brother’s family. She spent the night at our place in order to take a road trip with me on Sunday.

On Saturday, I also for the Low Transmitter Battery alert on my Dexcom and I’m calling to get a replacement today. My battery lasted about a year, which is amazing because they’re really only expected to last for 6 months. I wish they were rechargeable. *sigh*


On Sunday, mom and I broke in the Volt with a trip to Youngstown for my sister’s baby shower. She and her husband will be welcoming a little boy in the fall. We went early to spend some time with them and their 2-year-old daughter before the shower. My niece is Aunt Rachel’s biggest fan. And I love it!!!

It was a nice shower and I’d forgotten how cute baby boy clothes can be. He’s going to be a well-dressed little guy!

My niece is going to be a good big sister. She told me that her brother is in mommy’s belly. She ended up wearing her “Big Sister” sash like a cape most of the shower though… she also told me that it was her birthday party.

I learned a lesson in aunting* heartbreak though. I heard her crying and saw my sister holding and comforting her. Then I heard her start yelling “Rachel! Rachel!” in the most distraught little girl voice. My heart just shattered at the sound and I rushed (the whole 3-yard distance) to her, to discover that she had looked around the room and didn’t see Aunt Rachel and got very upset. The upset was easily dispelled by spending the present-opening time with Aunt Rachel and her new kitty that was her big sister gift.

How was your weekend?

*Aunting is a verb to describe the many and varied activities involved in the role of “aunt.” Yes, I made it up.

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  1. LOL – “Aunting” is a great term. I am unfortunately an only child, so I may never get the pleasure of aunting, but now I must find ways to use this word in daily conversation. hehehe. 🙂 And yay for the new car, that’s awesome!

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