10 Things My Diabetes Devices Have Been Confused With

I wear an OmniPod so I don’t deal with the common pager confusion but my pods, PDM and Dexcom still get confused with other things.

Here are 10 things my devices have been confused with, as said to me:

1. Is that a cell phone?

2. Why are you still using an old-school BlackBerry? (PDM)

3. That’s an intense nicotine patch, you must have smoked a lot.

4. Did you hurt yourself? (meaning: Is that a band aid?)

5. Is that a shot to keep you from having babies? (meaning: Do you have a birth control implant?)

6. Cool iPod.

7. Are you wearing a tracking device? (as asked by a TSA agent.)

8. You have tape stuck on your arm.

9. I think you have a tag sticking out of your shorts.

10. What causes so much pain that you have to wear a pain blocking thingie?

Of course when people find out what my devices really are they either don’t know what to say or ask 5,000 questions.

What have your medical devices been confused with?

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9 thoughts on “10 Things My Diabetes Devices Have Been Confused With

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  2. The Guardian got confused for a pager a lot. And medical professionals are always thinking my CGMs are pumps.
    Other than that- just cell phone and occasionally band aid.

  3. My little nephew picked up my old insulin pump and pretended to use it as a cell phone. I’ve also had my Dexcom receiver called a cell phone. I’ve also had some one ask me what my Dexcom sensor was and I got to explain it. šŸ™‚

    • I haven’t been asked if it was a chemo patch before, but I did have someone ask me to explain how my OmniPod works because they were considering doing Neulasta after their chemo treatments.

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