Holiday Outfits Call for Holiday Pods

I’m not a big fan of getting diabetes-type things as gifts, but Pump Peelz for my diabetes devices make the list of d-gear I wouldn’t mind finding in my stocking. I like being able to dress up my pods and as a company, Pump Peelz has a lot of personality and heart. They offered to let me test out something from their holiday designs to review so I picked the Star Paper Pattern for the OmniPod.

I find myself wearing a variety of holiday outfits this time of year so it only makes sense to dress up my pod. It was hard to pick the design I wanted to try because the holiday options were all pretty great.

Peelz are pretty easy to apply and are forgiving if you need to reposition them. I find it way easier to place a peel on a pod before I activate it. I start at the window and smooth the peel on from there, locking everything in with the side flaps.

The day after my new peel came in was a pod change day so I stuck it on my new arm pod and ended up wearing it for our holiday dinner at Gervasi. It complimented my red (refashioned) dress very nicely.

It’s really awkward to get a normal-looking picture of an arm.

When the picture above was being taken, Brad’s mom noticed my pod and exclaimed, “Rachel’s wearing a Christmas pod!”

There are no special steps that need to be taken when wearing a peel on your OmniPod. They do fine with normal showering/bathing and I suspect are fine for swimming too but I haven’t done that yet. You can also reuse them. My Easter peel that I won from Kim’s giveaway last year has been on three different pods so far and I’m holding onto it for potential future use. I keep the old peelz on the pod until the next time I want to use it to decrease the sticking and re-sticking.

It’s fun to get a little festive with the stuff that we have to wear every day to keep on plugging. Pump Peelz are made for more than just pods. They make their awesome designs to fit OmniPods (Gen 2), OmniPod PDMs, Dexcom G4 receivers, Medtronic Minimed Paradigm pumps and the OneTouch Verio IQ glucose meter.

There are a variety of designs available including seasonal and standard. They fit a great range of patterns, colors and fun, including peelz for the sports-loving podder, cartoon animals that like lions and monkeys, along with comic-book style action art. They offer glow-in-the-dark peelz around Halloween time as well. You can also design your own to have a unique peel to fit your personality or interests.

One more reason I love this company is because they love you guys too, they are offering 20% off your order if you use the coupon code: probablyrachel.

If you want to jazz up your diabetes gear, this is a great time to do it and a great discount! (code expires January 31, 2015)

Have you tried Pump Peelz? What was your experience?

Do you dress up your medical stuff during the holidays? 

Disclosure: I received Pump Peelz for the Gen 2 OmniPod in a design of my choosing for review purposes, all opinions are my own. Although I did not receive compensation for this post, I was given an unexpected thank you in the form of Starbucks coffee.  


If you don’t have medical gear to jazz up for the holidays (or if you do!), don’t forget, I’m having an online Jamberry party  and anyone who does the buy 3, get one free or hosts their own party gets entered into a drawing. Some of the Jamberry designs complement the OmniPod designs nicely!

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