Side Table Makeover for Dog Stuff Storage

I was hesitant to feature this project because it’s so similar to the dressers that I redid recently. But why not?!

When you adopt a pet, you adopt the need for a lot of stuff. When we got Stella we had to get a bunch of stuff for her care and keeping. Treats of course, but also nail clippers, a leash, waste bags for walks, grooming wipes, car seat cover, car riding harness and cold-weather gear since the little fur she has is short and she gets very cold, very quickly.

All this stuff needs to live somewhere and for us, it needed to be near the back door. Rather than buying a new table, I grabbed Brad’s old night stand that had been stored in the basement.

It’s a good table, but it doesn’t match our style or the room. So I decided to paint it. I went with the DecoArt, Americana Decor paint again since it worked so well on the dressers. This time I ended up getting the Maxx Gloss.

The 8oz paint was plenty for two coats on this small table. It went on fast and easy, but because of the surface, it streaked for the first coat so two coats were necessary.


I replaced the faux wood handle with a shiny chrome one. Because the original handle wasn’t a standard size, I had to drill a new hole to affix the new one. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep that handle or put a single pull on it and fill the extra hole.

Rather than stick everything back into the cabinet the way it was before, I decided to organize it. A basic plastic locker shelf inside helped tidy things up and I stumbled upon a basket at Home Goods that fit perfectly in the open shelf.


All it’s missing now is a glass dog treat jar on top, which I’m sure I’ll find soon.

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