Elevate Your Sock Game with Magic Socks {Giveaway}

There are two things that people are self conscious about when asked to remove their socks in someone’s home 1. Foot odor and 2. Holey socks. The MP Team has a solution to the first (and kind of to the second when you think about it). Magic Socks are “the world’s best ordorless socks,” they’re infused with silver, copper and zinc which have antibacterial properties and keep the socks from getting that dirty gym sock smell that everyone has tried to forget from high school phys ed class.

As the warmer months are upon us and many of us look to the great outdoors as our gym (hiking, biking, walking, etc) the idea of sweaty, smelly feet is even more concerning, so having a solution seems like – well – magic.

But how magical are these socks? Do they really work?

I tested them out for 7 days of normal use (no crazy marathons or anything) to see if they would start to smell. Although I don’t recommend going a week without washing your socks (nor I I plan to again), I was pleasantly surprised with the results. My findings are below. (If you’re just here for the giveaway, keep on scrolling.)


7 Days, No Washing

Day 1

I got my socks in the mail and eagerly opened then and tried them on. I put on the no-show socks and took advantage of one of the first warm days of the year (winter lasted into mid-April in Cleveland) and took Stella for a 1-mile walk before she wore out.

The socks were comfortable, didn’t bunch up or slide down. And after a mile stuffed into shoes I wouldn’t expect them to be too strong but perhaps a faint foot smell, however they smelled just fine.

Day 2

I couldn’t wear them with the shoes I planned to wear to work today, but the moment I got home, on went the socks. I wore them running around the house, playing in the yard with Stella and then back inside the house where I stepped in water that Brad had spilled on the floor. They dried quickly which was good. Stella proceeded to sleep on my feet for the rest of the evening, so when I went to bed, they smelled just faintly of dog.

Day 3

I sniffed the socks in the morning and the dog smell was gone. It kind of reminded me of a comedy routine from the last cruise we were on when the comedian joked about packing light and using the air to “clean” things. Who knows, maybe it works? Or maybe the socks resisted the dog smell.

I’m still somewhat weirded out about putting on “dirty” socks, but on they went for a normal day of weekend errands. Nothing too intense, but my feet were still stuffed into shoes for most of the day. When I went to bed, they they didn’t smell.

Day 4

Spent most of today working around the house, so I ran around in my socks all day (we’re a shoes-off house if you’ve forgotten). So aside from not holding smells, one of the things I noticed is that my socks didn’t seem to get pick up dirt and dust. Try running around for a whole day in bright white socks on floors that haven’t been vacuumed or mopped in yet that week. They will have a faint gray tinge when you’re done. Granted my socks are gray, but they didn’t look dingy at all.

Day 5

It got cold again, so I wore these in my boots to work. Not terribly sweaty, but still cooped up in heavy boots after not being washed for 4 days and no smell.

Day 6

I’m wondering why I’m admitting in a blog post to not putting on freshly washed socks each day. But today was a normal day – work, errands, dog walking. Nothing terribly strenuous or stinky, but I haven’t washed these socks in nearly a week.

Day 7

I’ve notice the socks aren’t terribly stretched or feel loose the way that socks tend to do when they’re taken off and put back on. Maybe it’s because they’re new. The socks still smell okay at the end of the day, but for my own sanity, I’m washing them.

The price on these socks feels a bit steep, but they are an innovative new product, which usually comes with a higher price tag, it’s also important to remember that the $48 price tag is for 6 pair – bringing them to $8 per pair. Right now, if you sign up for their email list you can also get 10% off. If you don’t win the socks below, you can buy your own straight from MeltMall.


The lovely folks at the MP Team are allowing me to give one lucky reader their very own pair of Magic Sock!

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Giveaway closes at midnight Eastern time on May 18, 2018.

I was sent 2 pairs of MP Magic Socks for free for review purposes and provided with the ability to giveaway a third pair. All opinions are my own.

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