The Dining Room Transformation

We stood at the dining table (not ours) below and decided, that yes, this house was the house for us and we would make an offer. We decided to get the house even though the room was sunshine yellow with baby blue-ish carpet.

The photo from the home listing.

From offer to acceptance, we kept plans at bay. Our offer was accepted a few days later in April, we closed in June and officially had renters until mid July.

From acceptance to possession, we made plans… including what to do with the dining room. I turned to Pinterest to find an image to accompany what I imagined. This became roughly my vision for the dining room and was something that Brad could also picture:

Image via Pinterest

The walls, trim and ceiling were all painted. The carpet was ripped out. Brad laid new flooring. Windows were re-treated. And here’s how it ended up…

The finished product from the living room.

The finished product from the kitchen.

Our dining room is one of my favorite rooms in the house because it has a lot of character. It’s the room that gets commented on the most as well.

I bet you all are sill wondering what was in the box unless you’ve forgotten about the box already. Wonder no more!

A Bench!

We bought our dining table and chairs when we still lived in the apartment and kept the table’s sliding leaves in so it was square and seated four people. In the new dining room, we table is fully extended and we considered getting two extra chairs to accommodate 5-6 people without needing an extra chair from upstairs (my desk chair). We opted instead to go with a simple bench, which was the price of one extra chair, yet seats two. It’s a nice place for me the cats to sit at and look outside and when we need extra seating, it can be pulled up to the table.

Before and After


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