Friday Five: Human Behavior

There are things that people do/say that I just don’t get. For example:

1. Wearing contacts but being grossed out by someone else putting in or taking out their contacts.

2. Going to the back door the very first time visiting someone’s home. Guests use the front door, if you’re visiting my home and not delivering an appliance, you’re a guest. Also, the front door has a doorbell, the back door doesn’t.  There is no line of sight for the back door in my home, so the only reason I know you’re at my house is because I saw your car in my driveway. I’m tempted to leave people out there and see what happens.

The front mat is the welcoming one

3. Saying, “I know” instead of asking. For example, instead of asking if you had a good trip they say, “I know you had a good trip” my question is how do you know I had a good trip? I feel like they are trying to address something without leaving the other person a chance to talk about their own experiences.

4. Leaving the toilet lid up everywhere but at their own homes. If you close it at your home, why not close it everywhere? (My cats have both gotten stuck in the bathtub in the past… an open toilet is a recipe for disaster.)

5. Driving like a moron the moment raindrops start… need I say more?

What human behaviors puzzle you?

9 thoughts on “Friday Five: Human Behavior

  1. Leaving the toilet lid up anywhere drives me insane. I feel like I’m the only one of my friends who always puts it down, whether at my apartment or theirs. It’s sanitary and more polite.

    I don’t understand people who misplace things like their phones or debit cards and don’t care. It’s one thing if it’s something small but those are pretty essential to daily life and not cheap, plus could end up costing way more and a huge hassle. My roommate’s debit card was missing for over a week and she barely batted an eye. I would have been freaking.

      • My roommates in college were like that too! That’s funny haha.

        Oh, and another thing I don’t understand..dirty bathrooms. I am a messy person. My clothes are all over my room and I just don’t care because it’s my room and I’ll just shut the door. But there is a difference between messy and dirty. I don’t want to get in the shower if there are clumps of someone else’s hair everywhere. It makes me sick. It’s not that hard to pick up after yourself. Same with dirty dishes. If you don’t have time to do them right then, at least soak them or rinse them off.

  2. People asking your opinion but really just wanting affirmation of their thought/opinion/decision. If you won’t be able to handle if I disagree- don’t ask me!!

    And leaving cash lying anywhere but safely in a wallet/purse/safety box. It can get lost so easily!

  3. Ok, I love this post and have to join in the commenting!

    1. Going to the back door would be a no no at my house, or the garage if its open ( why enter the garage?)
    2. Being grossed out by contacts is just weird. Nothing gross about it.
    3.I hate the whole statement instead of question thing. Like people will say “You had a good time.” Um….let me tell you that!
    4.I think the toilet lid up thing is disgusting.
    5. Bad drivers annoy me, Period.
    6. The bank thing annoys me too!
    7. Asking your opinion without truly wanting it.
    8. Dirty bathroom……gross.

    Here’s my two cents to add:

    The same people that complain about gas prices are the ones just cruising around town because they are bored.

    People who ask for openness and honesty, but when you are honest they say: Well I didn’t want you to be that honest….or that was rude! Then don’t ask….

    People who litter and then complain about trash along the side of the street. They are the morons who are putting it there. Don’t litter.

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