One Shirt Two Ways {Refashion}

No-Sew/No-Cut T-Shirt Refashion

There’s just something about getting a free t-shirt… honestly, there’s nothing like it. The problem is that most of the time the free t-shirt is a Large, X-Large or XXX-Large.

Unrelated story…. Mount Union used to send t-shirts to newly enrolled students the summer before they arrive on campus. I was excited to get a t-shirt in the mail, but when the size large shirt arrived, I knew I couldn’t wear it. I emailed my transfer student rep and inquired about trading it in for a smaller size. Since I was a transfer, I assumed they just never bothered to ask for my size. I was told that wouldn’t be possible. They send all girls size Large shirts and all boys size X-Large shirts (because that makes sense…). My dad was happy to take it off my hands… because there’s nothing like a free t-shirt.

Anyway, Brad was similarly gifted with a massive shirt at his on-campus job (the IT help desk). It was a beautiful blue and also an X-Large. It had gotten caught up in other clothes and discovered when we moved into our house.

It had so much potential that I couldn’t decide what to do with it, so I planned two no-sew refashions.

This first one involves no cutting and makes great on-the-fly beach cover up or casual sun dress… but it takes a few tries. (I used this photo tutorial.)

1. Put the shirt on, and pull arms through the neck hole.

2. Take first sleeve and wrap toward you. I placed my other hand basically in my armpit to make a neater fold.

3. I made a fold in the sleeve then tucked it into the neck hole of the shirt and arranged the sleeve how I wanted.

4. Repeat Step 2 with the other sleeve.

5. Repeat Step 3 with the sleeve. Make sure it overlaps the first side when you tuck it.

6. Neaten your tucks and folds and you’re set to go!

The final product looked better each time I refolded and tucked and the t-shirt neckline keeps this dress in place. The x-large shirt was actually quite snug under my arms, another size up might have been a bit more comfortable. I was pretty impressed with how the photos came out, I used the smile shutter on my phone.


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