Easy DIY Wreath

My pine cone wreath from last year took a tumble off the shelf in the attic so it didn’t make it on the front door.

I took the intact pine cones and worked them into my mantle and tabletop decor.

With the demise of the pine cone wreath, I decided to make a new wreath with some of the holiday items that had invaded my living room.

Using the wire hanger base from the pine cone wreath, I gave a piece of pipe insulation a little support and taped the ends of the foam insulation  together with packing tape. (I used the other end half of the insulation piece used to make my twine wreath pictured here.)

I chopped off several feet of fake pine garland (I had a 50-foot length of pine garland that I used some of for the mantle). I tucked one end into the split in the insulation and wrapped the whole circle. I ended up with a very basic pine-looking wreath.

I took the ribbon from the old wreath and made a nicer bow. I tied some gold curling ribbon to the wreath for a door hanger and decided it needed a little more, so I added a suspended ornament.

Good thing I’m too short to look through the peep hole


Materials Used:

  • wire hanger
  • foam pipe insulation
  • pine garland (similar garland)
  • ribbon (wired and curling)
  • ornament

Here’s where the rest of the garland went:

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