Easy DIY Ribbon Tree

Hey look, another Christmas craft!

A couple of years ago, I had some extra ribbon so I made some little Christmas trees with them. I’ve put them out every year since. They’re a 5 minute project and all you need is: wired ribbon, heavy paper or poster board, tape and staples (you probably don’t need the staples either).

See the gold tree?

Apparently my tree was a little crooked when I took a picture of the mantle. Oops! Anyway, here’s all you do:

  1. Make a cone out of your paper/poster the size of the tree you would like and secure with tape.
  2. Make several ribbon circles in descending sizes (I secured them with staples).
  3. Place ribbon circles on cone.

My trees were made with gold patterned ribbon, but you could make some cool variations by alternating colors and ribbon widths.


Finished product

 What easy DIY holiday projects have you done?

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