Jumpsuit no more {Refashion}

I started with this Sheri Martin, New York jumpsuit that had lost it’s size label a long time ago. This quirky number was built for the very tall, jump-suit adoring woman… aka not me. Aside from the fact that I’m wearing jeans under it in the photo above, I have both of my legs in one leg in the one below!

I had no desire to wear this as a jumpsuit ever. Before I could do anything with it, I had to rip the seams and make it no longer pants.

Then I put it on Sally inside out and started pinning. I pinned down the legs in ling with the middle seam, took in each side and the darts in the front.

Once that was done, I sewed  everything down and trimmed off the extra. At this point, I had a maxi dress.

Then I measured to where I wanted my new dress to fall and then chopped it off.

I folded it under and then ran it through my machine.

And ta-da, I had a dress!

A very wrinkled dress.

After a nice pressing, I paired it with some black accessories and wore it to work.


I’m really proud of how this one turned out. The only thing I thought about while wearing the dress is that I should have put in pockets. But, there’s plenty of time to add them.

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