I didn’t know how much my life would change

When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, I didn’t have a clue how much it would change my life.

I knew it would change my diet and lifestyle, but everything is different.

– I have little tiny puncture marks from my shots that now make me self-conscious of my legs and stomach (not to mention bruises from poor injection aim).

– My fingertips get sore, sometimes a little and sometimes a lot. When they’re really sore, putting the car window down hurts.

– I can’t put things off. Sometimes I’ll push that six month dental check up off to seven or eight months (or more…). Eye exams need to happen more often as well.

– If I sweat or get a little dizzy there’s no shrugging it off because it could be low blood sugar.

– If things are a little off , I get to pee on a ketone test strip (the ketoacidosis scared the crap out of us).

– Mexican food has way more carbs in it than you might expect and I love Mexican food.

– I get to weigh whether it’s appropriate to test and inject in my current environment or if I should excuse myself.

– I get to do mental math before I inject and eat (I’m new to carb counting).

The past couple of days I’ve been mad at my pancreas. I’m not even sure what else is going to change as time goes on.

So far all of these changes are manageable. Frustrating at times. But manageable.

8 thoughts on “I didn’t know how much my life would change

  1. i hear you 100%…although i have had diabetes for almost 37 years, i still get frustrated. i hate lows, i wish i could just eat what and when i want, and i’ve finally decided that if i have to test, or inject (although i use a pump now) i will do it no matter where i am or who is there to see. i used to go to the washroom, or just not do it at all. i finallly decided that this is what keeps me alive and if you don’t like watching then look away! and if you have a question, ask me, and i’ll answer as best i can to help you understand.

    • Thanks Kim!

      I decided after my first “public injection” that family and close friends should be able to deal with the shots, but I’m uncomfortable doing them around strangers or children if I can’t do them in my leg. Since it’s getting to be past shorts/skirt season, I’m finding that I excuse myself more. But we’re working toward a pump and I’ll be thrilled when I can get one!

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