Friday Five: What I Learned

Friday Five is back after a bit of a break.. mainly because I didn’t have many crazy, random thoughts to put in a bulleted posts.

Iron burn on arm


1. The cotton setting on an iron will destroy the skin on your arm if you bump it.

2. Resting your arms to type is difficult with a burned arm.

3. Deer are smart. I saw four of them use a cross walk this morning at a red light.

4. Switching from caramel macchiato CoffeeMate liquid cream to powdered cream is a major letdown.

5. You’re a “real grown up” when you get excited about things like a new refrigerator, re-doing a floor or your husband buying you a Pyrex bake and store set.

What did you learn this week?


ADDED: How fitting is it that February is Burn Awareness month?Most of the burn awareness material has to do with scalding and not iron burns.

A bit of advice when it comes to ironing, when you are going to move the clothing item you’re ironing, set the iron facing away from you. Also, always iron while wearing clothing (one of my Twitter friends burned her stomach while ironing the shirt she was going to be putting on later) and if your hands start to sweat while ironing, put the iron down and dry them before you continue.


7 thoughts on “Friday Five: What I Learned

  1. Unfortunately the lessons I learned this week has all to do with the crappy politics of corporate America and not the fair environment I wish I worked in. However I’m also learning that what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger 🙂 I hope your arm feels better! And have a good weekend!

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