Disjointed Thoughts on Valentine’s Day

Being married to the love of my life means that I have a valentine on Valentine’s Day, which is great. But I think the holiday is getting to be over inflated.

I enjoy hearts, pink and roses possibly as much, but probably less, than the next girl. I do however like romance as much, if not more, than the next girl.

Our Tradition

This was taken on our first Valentine’s day together

Last year, Brad and I started a bit of a Valentine’s Day tradition that I think has staying power because we agreed to do it again this year. Instead of trying to get a reservation for an over-priced meal for two last Valentine’s day, we hit the grocery store and picked out two filets and cooked up a tasty meal together of bacon-wrapped filet, roasted asparagus and rosemary smashed red potatoes, complimented by a bottle of red wine. We dimmed the lights in our apartment, lit some candles and enjoyed each others company. We chose not to exchange gifts.


Valentine’s day is a good reminder to keep romance in your relationship, but Valentine’s day and your anniversary can’t be the only days when you make romantic gestures during the year.

It’s a Day

In high school, I noticed that people starting calling Valentine’s day “Singles Awareness Day.” If you don’t have a sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, big deal. It’s just a day. A day that you can choose to feel sorry for yourself on, or a day that you can choose to say, “I love you” to a family member, close friend or yourself. You don’t have to be romantic. I loved that my dad called me on Valentine’s day in college (even though I had Brad), just to say hi. If you don’t feel like pulling out the L-word next Thursday, then don’t. February 14th is just another day, so let it be one.


For someone like me who enjoys a nice piece of chocolate, February 15th can be a great opportunity to snag some of the good stuff because heart-shaped boxes are out of style until next year.


I might be a crazy plant lady, I dote on my orchid and have an emotional attachment to some bamboo… Nothing says “I love you” like roses though. Last year, Brad decided to say “I love you and I’m thoughtful” and delivered roses to me at work… in person. It can’t always be arranged to deliver flowers in person, but if you’re a guy reading this and you’re planning on getting your sweetheart flowers on Valentine’s day: Send them to her at work. I enjoy my plants at work because I’m alone in my office for most of the day and they brighten it. When I’m at home with Brad, I don’t need plants to brighten my evenings. Also, in true girl-nature we like to brag show off compete be complimented and flowers invite all sorts of compliments from “Oh how pretty” to “You’ve got yourself a good man.”


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