Clean out the fridge: Turkey Toast

Although I’m 100% sure there’s a better name for this side dish…. I can’t think of one at the moment. The other evening Brad and I were going to have tomato soup for dinner and instead of going with old standbys of crackers or grilled cheese, I decided to use up some fridge food with expiration dates approaching. (approaching, not arrived. I don’t recommend eating expired food, even if you are cleaning out your fridge… I digress.)

We had a tasty loaf of artisan bread that was down to the small-ish pieces and some deli turkey that wasn’t used up during work-week lunches.

What I used up:

  • Shaved, deli turkey breast
  • Multigrain bread (6 slices of various sizes)

What I added

  • Rosemary
  • Shredded cheese

What I did:

  • Set the oven on 350 degrees (I didn’t really give it time to preheat)
  • Placed thin slices of turkey breast on bread and lightly sprinkled with rosemary and cheese
  • Baked until crispy and the cheese melted

Soup is usually a good go-to winter meal for us. It’s warm, easy and pretty healthy (I don’t consider all soup healthy, but our tomato was). Turkey toast not only used up a couple of things in the fridge but gave our meal a little protein.

What would you name this recipe?


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