Friday Five: Cornea Corniness

My husband thinks he’s a comedian, so of course correcting his vision with Lasik gave him all sorts of new jokes and one-liners. Here are a few of his recent zingers:

1. While having a conversation with Brad, he went upstairs which results in raising the conversation volume, but he eventually couldn’t hear me and shouted downstairs, “They fixed my vision, not my hearing!”

2. “The good thing about Lasik is that I can see. The bad thing is that it isn’t going to help me find anything.”

3.“In an odd turn of events I have to put glasses on to go to bed.” (In reference to his sleep goggles) 

4. I conversation we had the morning of my cousin’s wedding:

“Do you want to do the wetting drops first?”

“No, I’d rather do the reception drops.”

5. “It’s really strange to see you in glasses and me without them. Hashtag role reversal.” (For a guy who doesn’t use Twitter, Brad hashtags his own comments a lot!)

Easter celebrations this weekend will be the first time his family has seen him without glasses in nearly 20 years. I”m still trying to decide if I should wear a dress from my closet for Easter or refashion a new one… ah procrastination at its finest!

Have a wonderful weekend and a very happy Easter!

One thought on “Friday Five: Cornea Corniness

  1. Very nice place to visit! I know I have lots to learn but I am willing! If I went without glasses in which I would love to, my next problem is the mark I always have from wearing my mask to bed with my bipap machine!

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