Easter Eggs

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

I had a lovely Easter weekend that kicked off with getting a new ‘do.

We arrived at my in-laws’ on Saturday in time to help decorate Easter egg cookies, but not in time to help with bunny butt cookies.

Decorating eggs with my brother-in-law’s girlfriend

Bunny butts and eggs

We went back to the church that Brad grew up in on Sunday (and where we got married). It was a lovely service, but I noticed that no one came and said hello to Brad as they usually do when we’re back there. People who he’s know his whole life walked right by him without even a “hello.” Our best guess is that people didn’t recognize him without his glasses. He’s worn thick glasses every day for nearly 20 years and does look a lot different without them. (A couple of people said hello to me though.)

September 2013 {Photo by Studio Elle Photography}

Easter, April 2014











I also sported an Easter OmniPod this weekend. I figure, if it’s going to be visible, it might as well look cute!

My OmniPod is wearing a peel from Pump Peelz, I am wearing a refashioned dress.

(I won the peel in a drawing, it was not given to me to promote, I also didn’t pay for it… )

How was your Easter?

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