Main Bath Makeover

Do you remember the ugly thing that I was concerned might be permanently stuck to my wall?

Well it finally came off the brown and green walls.




The Process

First everything came off the walls except for the medicine cabinet, but including the leafy border and vinyl baseboards. Then everything got a new coat of paint, new floors went down and new accessories went up (toilet paper holder, shower curtain bar and towel holder). In the process we also replaced the faucet.

Here’s the mess we made:


Look familiar?

Apparently I didn’t take any pictures of laying the new floor!


When all was said and done (this was not an overnight project!) our bathroom was so much nicer! The lighter paint colors make the bathroom brighter and it’s much more pleasant to go in there first thing in the morning and brush my teeth.

We used the proper type of paint for the walls and the ceiling. If you’re painting a bathroom, or other high-moisture environment, check with the person at the paint counter on what kind will work best. The original ceiling paint that the previous owners used was not the best kind and was actually peeling and more susceptible to mildew. Scraping, cleaning and repainting the ceiling didn’t just make it look better, it made our home healthier.


We’re planning to hang something above the toilet, but haven’t found (or made) the right thin yet to work with the cabinet door.

I decided to corral everything on the counter onto a small plate, with clear and blue marbles. The soap dispenser had a tendency to slide around the counter if there was a little water so then we’d end up with soap all over.

The waterfall faucet and new push-down drain were really great additions to the bathroom. We get a ton of compliments on it. One of the guests at my mom’s bridal shower told us that it made her want to play in the water! I think it’s kind of musical.

Our existing shower curtain hooks worked great on the new curtain and the new bar. Our old shower bar used to fall occasionally (the was an issue with the spring in it) and it is not fun to have the shower curtain, bar and hooks fall on you while you’re taking a shower!

We kept the LED shower head that makes every shower a party!

Anyone notice that I like to match the tissue box to the bathroom wall color?

It’s amazing what new colors and accessories can do!


Source List


  • Shower curtain bar
  • Towel holder
  • Toilet paper holder
  • Plate

Home Depot


  • Valspar paint (custom-matched Midnight Fog color to correct paint type and a basic white)

Home Goods

  • Shower curtain
  • Beach art

Everything else we already had, most were wedding presents.

It’s cat approved!

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  1. It looks Beautiful. Nice Job you both did. Something to thionk of down the road. You can change your Mirror to a medicine cabinet and ligth fixture for even a different look. Not hard to do.

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