No other season has a following quite the way fall does.

It may be basically the shortest season here in Ohio, but everyone absolutely loves fall. Whether it’s the boots, the leaves, the coffee or the football.

Fashion kicks in every season, but fall fashion seems to pack the most punch. You can layer and wear the browns, reds, oranges with your favorite boots free of the fear that they’ll become salt-stained.

You can add pumpkin to anything an no one bats an eye. The comfort foods begin to stock the shelves as well.

I believe that all seasons have their merits, but fall really takes the pumpkin spice cake on this one. We, Ohioans at least, love it so much that we let it be the only season with two names.

One thing that I will always love about fall would be the leaves.

Could any season be more beautiful?

What do you love about fall?

7 thoughts on “Fall

  1. I. LOVE. FALL! it is my absolute favourite season! the temperature is perfect for sleeping and it’s not too hot during the day. there is no snow to plod through, and no heavy winter coats! I. LOVE. FALL!!!! and yes, the colours of the leaves are beautiful. i even like raking leaves. good excersise for us diabetics disguised as fun!!

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