What didn’t change

Awhile ago I wrote a blog about how much my life has changed since being diagnosed with diabetes. Even though a lot has changed in my life, some things really haven’t… like I still hate needles.

  • My Chipotle order didn’t have to change. That’s really, really nice. I recently told someone that I didn’t know anyone in my generation who didn’t like Chipotle so it’s nice to still be normal (and to know that my order really isn’t that bad for me).
  • My consumption of pizza. Brad and I really like Domino’s Pizza  and occasionally have a pizza night (like we did this Friday). Thankfully, my pizza-eating habits were completely unaffected because a slice of our typical pizza is only 35g of carbs.
  • My affection of/addiction to coffee. Coffee on its own is “free” so I can still stick with my morning juice and Starbucks and I are still friends.
  • My love of chocolate… especially dark chocolate. The easiest chocolate to find in sugar-free varieties is dark chocolate. It’s fantastic.
  • My size. Yes, when I was in the hospital with DKA I was 20 pounds under weight and not a single thing I owned fit me. Now I’m back in my normal clothes and looking like myself.

Most importantly, the one thing that hasn’t changed is who I am. I’m still Rachel, I still like and dislike the same things and I’m still the same wife/daughter/sister/aunt/friend/etc that I was before.

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