Dressing for Success. Part 2

When I started working at the car dealership, I was handed a dress code and was required to sign my agreement to follow it. No jeans, no shirts with words, no cleavage, no belly showing, no facial piercings or visible tattoos, no tank tops, etc. This dress code was easy to follow because it flat out said: look professional.

My husband and I now both work in agencies and never received guidelines like a dress code. As young adults, we have plenty of fashion options available to us, so we take visual cues from those around us. There are people in our offices who wear jeans daily. In fact when I interned at another agency, I wore jeans most days because everyone else did.

Apparently both outfits are work-appropriate

Brad has a mental block about wearing jeans to a professional job. I have decided to dress in the same manner as the other women in my office. For instance, today I am wearing black capri pants, a gray top and dress flats. My husband left the house today in gray dress pants and a white dress shirt.

Agency settings tend to be pretty fast paced but cultivate a comfortable atmosphere. If you know you can basically wear whatever you want, you’re more likely to be comfortable.  It’s a far cry from college life when you had to “dress up” for a group presentation and you were the only one wearing dress clothes and the rest of the group showed in jeans.

On an unrelated note: I wear too much black and gray, I need to infuse some more color into my wardrobe. Any suggestions on how to do that without killing my bank account?

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