“Bless You!” {Allergy Season}

We have a thing in our house with sneezes, started by Brad of course.

Sneeze 1 = “Bless you!”

Sneeze 2 = “Bless you!'”

Sneeze 3 = “Faker!”

It lightens the mood a little during allergy season. I live with mild outdoor allergies and mild food/medication allergies. Brad lives with severe outdoor allergies. We are no strangers to sneezing, but between the two of us, Brad is the one with a love/hate relationship with the outdoors. On top of allergies, he’s quick to sunburn and the bugs think he’s more delicious than anything else. I actually sent him this cartoon (from Tastefully Offensive, you’ve been warned) after a day spent working outside and being inundated with pollen

We try to make our home a safe haven from allergies in a variety of ways, including keeping shoes off inside the house and opting not to have first-floor carpet. However, it’s impossible to hide from them. Especially this time of year when the outdoors beckon.

Blink Health sent me a cool infographic on allergies, that I figured I’d share.


Click to see full size

Thankfully, we don’t live in one of the worst cities for allergy sufferers, but we also don’t live in one of the best. Limiting exposure to allergies is always a good idea, sometimes that means holing up inside the house on a beautiful day that has a high pollen alert, wearing a mask and/or safety glasses when mowing grass can also help. It may not look cool, but then again neither does sneezing!

How do you deal with allergies?


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  1. Hi Rachel! I JUST got allergies a few days ago. The past few years I haven’t had them and I’ve quickly forgotten just how annoying they can be. I’m sneezing and coughing and my eyes feel oh-so-itchy. I took a Reactine in the hopes of relief but so far, it’s not working. I’m going to try some of the tips you shared. Thanks Rachel!

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