April Reads

From March but still a good read: 11 Ways to Avoid Sounding Like a Sexist Jerk – Even if You’re a Woman!

Being a woman in her 20s who regularly works with people who have (or could have) children older than me is not a recipe for being treated or feeling like a “real” adult. Being referred to as: girl, girlie, sweetie, dear or anything else is not okay (by men or women!)

20 Ways to Know You’re a Grown-Ass Woman

This could probably use a better title… however, I especially like #12 and #20. But good all the way around.

21 Things You Didn’t Know Could Be Mailed

But if you sent them to me, they’d probably arrive a week late, torn in half or be delivered to the top of my mailbox… asking to be stolen! (The Postal Service and I don’t have the greatest relationship.)

Because that’s not asking for trouble

I read a lot of good stuff this month but didn’t do a great job at bookmarking it.

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