A great big letdown

I’m mad at my Dexcom.

Last Saturday morning I enlisted Brad’s help to insert a brand new sensor into my arm. By Wednesday, it was flapping in the breeze and I resorted to wrapping my arm to see if I could make it hang on to the 7-day mark.

Friday evening, we went out for dinner with our friends and the moment we were seated the screen went ??? on me. After 2 hours of not reading me, I ripped out the (incredibly itchy) sensor. Tested and decided to leave it alone until morning.

Saturday morning I stuck another one in my leg and we headed down to my in-laws to celebrate my father-in-law’s birthday, which happens to be today (Happy Birthday Dad K!). We had a reservation that evening at the same place where Brad’s and my rehearsal dinner was held. The very moment we were seated, Dexcom started giving ???. When I really, really wanted the information and trending for some serious SWAG-ing that was going to take place. Noticing a pattern I was pretty upset. I got ??? the rest of the evening.

When we returned to my in-laws’ house and I when I removed my seat belt to climb out of the car, I barely brush my Dexcom and it peel/fell out of my leg. Luckily I had SWAG-ed well and had a blood sugar of 92. We returned home late and I had no desire to set an alarm for 2 hours later to calibrate so I spent a second night in a row Dexcom-free.

I put in a new sensor yesterday morning and the edges are already starting to curl up. The last few sensors were from a new shipment (that got left on my front porch for hours because Edgepark employs morons who don’t understand how to ship to a package to my work, but that’s a story for another day) so I’m wondering if this new shipment has bum adhesive or if I have non-adherable skin.

It was a big Dexcom letdown of a weekend.

Note (10/24): If you noticed that Edgepark commented and we took the situation off the blog. There was no reasonable resolution to the shipping error that the company made. They would allow me to exchange any unopened boxes of Dexcom sensors for new ones but made no strides to replace the ones that were ruined due to sitting the sun for hours. Since all boxes get opened as soon as they arrive and in an effort to make storage more efficient, I store my sensors in their envelopes directly in the diabetes drawer and recycle the boxes, so I was unable to return anything. The man that I spoke with had the audacity to ask if it was actually their fault.

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  1. We actually started using skin tac to rub over the top of it and around the edges and Jon is on week 2 without it falling off. He’s normally taping it up by the end of week one. I swear by the stuff. He first started using the iv prep pads, but the nurse also gave us a skin tac to try out. The other good thing is it is normally covered by insurance (Jon’s insurance is 80/20 and we got the skin tac from edgepark, so it cost us 6.00 for 3 boxes of 50). He actually uses them both for his pod and his dexcom.

    • You aren’t the first to mention skin tac to me. I should look into it. I got my 3 month supply of Dexcom sensors and OmniPods last week and Edgepark screwed up the shipping so my stuff sat on the porch in the sun above 80 degrees. I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but I wonder if that’s why I’m having a horrible time. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. My name is Jill and I am a representative from Edgepark. I’m sorry to hear about the issues you are going through with your last order. I would like to look into this and see if I can help in someway… Can you send an email to social@edgepark.com and tell me if your situation is unresolved?

    • I appreciate your offer to look into my issue and have emailed you details of the situation. Thank you! (And in hindsight, the word “moron” was rather harsh, especially since I spoke with a very sympathetic rep on the phone that day)

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