Water and Sunshine

In 10th grade I remember writing a note to my boyfriend while sitting in biology class. In my note I made the comment that it would be nice if people could photosynthesize. (Let me assure you that yes, I’m aware I was a nerd. I still am a nerd.) Later that day I got a note in response from him with a drawing of green people.

It may not be photosynthesis, but I need water and sunshine to live. Water is obvious of course.

I have low levels of vitamin D. This isn’t new information. It also isn’t uncommon for people with autoimmune conditions to experience low vitamin D (at least according to what I’ve read on the internet). People joke that they are getting their vitamin D from being out in the sun, I doubt I can get enough of what I need from the sun.

I had an appointment with a dermatologist a couple of weeks ago to find out what’s going on with my skin (I called it a “mystery allergy” in a previous post). The diagnosis was that it could be one of two potential reactions, and the good thing is the treatment for both is the same: a topical cream and sunshine.

The sunshine prescription came in the form of this comment: “I know it doesn’t sound right coming from a dermatologist, but sun helps this. You should get 10 minutes of sun on your skin a day.”

I made a comment about the cruise I have scheduled not being soon enough to fill that prescription and she laughed. But that water and sunshine will be good for more than just my skin.

I was practicing the mojito and sunshine approach that day…

With the skin irritation cleared up in under three weeks, the official diagnosis is a contact allergy, which I believe I’ve narrowed down to having switched fabric softener.

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