Using Your Opinion for Good

I’m excited to introduce a new diabetes blog series and the awesome organization making it happen. Op4G is a market research panel company which stands for Opinions for Good. When someone joins an Op4G panel, they have the option to select a nonprofit that they want to support from a list of 300+ non-profits) and when they complete a survey, a portion of the incentive goes directly to the nonprofit. So far, Op4G has donated over $447,000 to non-profits.

Op4G is open to the general population, however they are working to form niche health communities… starting with diabetes. Op4G partners with organizations with research needs that focus on diabetes, while also giving you a way to contribute your voice to research on products and services that could impact you in the future. They’ve teamed up with me to produce a series of diabetes-related blog posts so this is a win, win, win, win kind of series (4 wins there).

They help me write on a topic I’m passionate about, you help organizations that are doing research, you help non-profits get donations and you get rewarded for your opinions.

As a person with diabetes, your input can help develop better diabetes-related products and services. And you can earn some extra money for your time. You won’t get rich taking surveys, but typical survey incentives are around $10-$15 and there’s an incentive for every survey. You’ll have the option to have part or all of your incentives directed to one of the nonprofit partners. There are several partners that focus on diabetes (yay!), but you could also choose to support a food bank, animal shelter, literacy program, etc.

I might be weird, but I love taking surveys. Perhaps it’s because I’m opinionated. Are you weird like me and love taking surveys? Do you want to impact the future of diabetes treatment? Do you want to help a nonprofit? Do you want to earn some extra cash? Sign up.

This post is sponsored by Op4G, the research partner that lets you use your opinion for good. They’ve established a research community for people with diabetes to have a voice in future diabetes treatment developments, make a little extra cash and support nonprofit organizations. Sign up to be part of the community.


4 thoughts on “Using Your Opinion for Good

  1. My wife says I am nuts as well, but I also love taking surveys. If they benefits others, I like it even better.

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