Type 1 Day and Diabetes Awareness Month

It’s November which means it’s also diabetes awareness month and today specifically (11.1.11) is Type 1 day.

Awareness is really important so please take a minute to read and hopefully become more aware.

I get “the look” when I ask for nutrition information at restaurants, the look that says they think I’m just another girl on a diet. But if I say that I have diabetes, then I get another look along the lines of “you did that to yourself” which is more annoying.

Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disorder that cannot be cured by insulin injections or changes in diet or exercise. My short explanation of how it happened to me is: my immune system attacked my pancreas and I can’t make my own insulin anymore.

If you know someone (even if it’s only me!) with any type of diabetes it’s important, like with any other medical condition, to be considerate. This is a fantastic guide to follow of interacting with a diabetic if you don’t have diabetes:

Click for Easier Reading

Also, throughout November people are wearing blue on Fridays to bring awareness.

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  1. Thanks for the post, Rachel! I especially like the etiquetteonepage.pdf to which you linked. And to think that I didn’t know that it was Type 1 Day before I woke up this morning…

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