The Weekend I Partied Away

On Friday, we headed south for my brother-in-law’s high school graduation party. We had beautiful weather for most of the party, my in-laws’ deck and yard were full of high-school students and the recently graduated, as well as several family members and friends.

Making Graduation Caps

The party to celebrate the end of Brian’s childhood chapter was complete with what became known as the “bouncy castle,” which was actually and adult-sized inflatable obstacle course. All-in-all, it was good food, good fun, good company and a little bit of rain toward the end of the night.

The “Bouncy Castle” took up most of their yard!

We stayed with the K-fam on Friday night and headed from there to a party that the guest of honor had no idea was happening. My mom turned 50 on Saturday and my sister organized a surprise party for her. Brad and I met some of my family members at our pavilion and decorated as much as the wind would allow us to.

Meanwhile, my mom thought she was having a birthday picnic with her boyfriend, my sister and her family, then playing at the playground with her granddaughter. Right about the time they were finishing their lunch, my brother and I took his kids over to the playground and gave my mom surprise #1. She would be spending the day at the park with all of her children and grandchildren in one place.

Getting read to surprise mom

We all took a walk around the park and ended up at a pavilion where the rest of the party was waiting, giving mom surprise #2.

With my sister and mom.

I love celebrating with the people that I love! Being in on a surprise party is tough at times, especially when it involved lying to your mom!

Have you ever thrown a surprise party? How did it turn out?

Holmes hoards gadgets

Watson gives 3-legged hugs

In other news, it’s National Hug Your Cat Day, so hug your cat today. Don’t have a cat? You may hug mine virtually…

(But I have to warn you, they’re a little strange)





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